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Meizitang Strong Version

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Meizitang Strong Version.Targeting at extra fat in the body while keep water in the body, Meizitang Strong Version, the 3rd Version of Meizitang Series which has 20% more ingredients than normal Meizitang, shapes the thighs, waist, buttocks, arms, face etc in a short time, meantime, it promotes digestion and inhibits the fat absorption, effectively stopping re-accumulation

One MSV soft gel helps to stop 100-200g fat to synthesize and decompose about 200g accumulated fat, equal to 3 hours strenuous exercise, in 1-3 days, you can get fat burning feeling at abdomen and appetite begins reducing, 3-7 days, fat starts to lose and 7-15 days, size of waist and thighs is shrinking, 15-30 days later, 15 pounds will be removed!

Main Ingredients:
Xianxian Cao, Jobstears, Artemisia Dracunculua, Psyllium Husk, Bamboo Shoot, Lotus leaf

Specification: 36 Capsules/Bottle, Clear laser mark "MSV" on the soft gel
Usage: 1 capsule per day half a hour before or after breakfast, along with plenty of water, don't take it along with other pills
Precaution: Not for people who under 18 and above 65 year old, pregnant or lactating women, people who suffer from any other disease, such as heart disease, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes or any other malfunctioning of the kidneys or liver etc.

5 Stars ( Total 47 Reviews)

They are working! by April Morgan
I have been taking them for a while and they really work, It doesn't completely suppress my appetite all the time but it does help it a lot of the time, i was 175 and now i am 162, i didn’t do any workout so all the weight was lost because of the pills i think, i think its worth a shot, good luck

Love it by Diane Walton
Love meizitang! I have lost a stone in just a month! I was 160 and my goal is about 110, I am so excited now because I didn't think it would ever be possible for me to go down as much as I ideally wanted to drop and now it seems to be possible with taking meizitang, I am crossing my fingers its effect can keep going!!

Meizitang by Genevieve Collier
Been on it for 3 weeks, I didn’t feel any difference in the first week, I was a little worried about it, I thought I got the fake one, I was intended to quit, but it turned the corner the next day, I take the pill in the morning n I didn’t feel like to eating the breakfast! it’s strange. Till the noon, I still felt no hunger. And also I drink more water than before, because I was thirsty. I realized that the pill started to working!! So far i have lost 4lbs, not amazing results but i am still very glad that they are working for me now, i will keep using them and hope the effect can last for a long time as i have about 20 lbs to go

order again by Angie Turner
i have been using them and the effect is good, ordered again for losing more =)

meizitang 100% Genuine by Roosevelt Strickland
I've tried a lot of different diet pills over the past year. This one has been the most successful for me. I've been taking this now for almost one month. I have a lot more energy, and I'm not eating as much junk food. Just try this product and you will fall in love with it.

I am Very satisfied. I take in about 1200 calories a day. what I am noticing is a lot more energy and a slightly decreased appetite. It's the extra energy that really has me excited. I eat healthier and do exercise. With the help of meizitang. I lost 18 lbs last month. I hope I can always get the good result as expected.

2nd week update, 3kgs down total :) thank you for effective product, i appreciate it

GOOD PRODUCT by Loretta Norman
I started the botanical slimming soft gel on last week and I feel well, more energetic and no hunger almost the all the day, my sister is also taking it now and losing weight

Effective pills by Hannah Warner
It works great! I have lost 7 pounds so far, I am so happy I have a slimming product work wonders for me

Good pills, obvious effect by Emmett Harrison
I've had a good experience with it, although my experience has changed over time. I will then use this product as needed to maintain in case of the gain of a pound or three! Happy experience.

awesome meizitang by Eileen Reeves
One thing is for sure, I have not experienced anything negative with this product, so I know this meizitang is natural slimming product and I will recommend this to my friends if it works for ma and help me lose 22lbs this month.

Awesome pills by Shawna Rodriguez
I once was 134, with no exercises, meizitang makes me eat less and easy to full, no hungry and I am now sitting at 104lbs, which let me looks great lol

very effective by Ernestine Garcia
Using for 6 days and 4lbs down, very effective pills

It takes a lot of hard work to lose 40-50 lbs. But there are a lot of simple things people can do to make it easier, like eating more fruits and vegetables, more fiber and protein, and taking supplements like this that strengthen our body's ability to burn fat that can really make a difference. botanical slimming soft gel is necessary. I’ll continue to use it.

Very effective by Vanessa Torres
Have been taking it for a period and the fat at wait is really disappearing, I am an office worker so the fat accumulated a lot at waist, so happy that meizitang soft gel enables me get rid of the trouble

good by Jean Ramos
I have to say so far it is working to curb my cravings, i will check the results after a month

Good product, work well by Jenny Frazier
Good product, the second time to buy, probably I fit for it, lost 8 pounds in a month, not easy to be hungry in the stage of the medication, love to drink water. The seller's service is very good, I hope I can be turned into a beautiful body to wear nice clothes

Like this priduct by Noah Hicks
My goal was to lose ten pounds. Since this is not a large amount, I expected it to be slow, but Another pound came off the next week. This is terrific! Feel good.

Good in general by Anne Montgomery
Just get today's goods, packaging is crushed, but the pills are not crushed. Because there was no effect tries so hard to say what is good, in general is also very good

thank you by Lauren Russell
The meizitang pills reduced my weight and now i am good at my posture, thanx a lot lol

amazing pills by Maxine Nguyen
Thanks for your quick delivery in advance, my friend recommended you, I have not started my pills but when I do I hope to lose at least 40 lbs! Gold bless me :)

Like this priduct by Maxine Bowman
A friend of mine suggested I try adding anther slimming product, but the customer service not suggested , so I keep taking only one product, meizitang, I have friend use this for 3 months and lost 32lbs. we both satisfied with is.

I like meizitang by Jeremy Ray
I was bummed because I hate exercising, but I’m eating good. Anyway, I can’t lose weight even though. I really need to lose weight so I bought meizitang,. And this really helped me. I’m so happy.

Fast effect by Colleen Watts
I recommend buying 6-pack because it saves a little bit of money overall, free shipping, it seems a lot…And I am sure you will want more than just the one bottle. Best of Luck!

Awesome product! by Elizabeth Vaughn
I really appreciate your real and good product, it enables me lose weight without killing myself with exercise or starving myself!!

Good pills by Dominick Parks
I have been using meizitang pills and it really works. Before I started using it my weight was 241 pounds. And this is my third month , I’m now 200 pounds. It helps my digestion, helps keep me regular and gives me more energy everyday. I am really satisfied with this product .

Meizitang green strong version gives me the perfect amount of energy and no crash. Its not like a jittery weight loss pill , it is a diet pill that can give you much energy.

Struggled to lose my extra fat  by Miranda Strickland
I have been 168 pounds since having my second child one year ago. The weight has been really tough to shed. Unlike my sister, I am not able to just magically melt back to my former girlish figure. I've been struggling to lose it, and luckily I lost it

I took 1 pill for the first week . Then I add one more pill per day from the nest week, Take one in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast. and the other one 30 minutes before dinner. Have lost 13 lbs with the first box and will continue to take the rest 5 boxes

So far no bad feeling by Erma Huff
This is a great product and worth the money- highly reliable. I am glad I gave this a shot. 22 lbs reduced in 2 months, no bad feeling at all.

Like the pills very much by Renee Mason
I started taking these in April. I cut out most sweets and have controlled my food portions but not to any extreme and I only work out for an hour or two a week. As of today I have lost 32 pounds . They seem to be helping me a lot

good weight loss pills by Flora Collier
Before placing the order. I feel a sense of suppression in the chest. So I had a talk with Tina , when she realized that I have taken medicines . she suggested me stop the pill. but I really want to lose weight. so I reduce the dosage. This makes me feel better, and I can still see result.

botanical slimming cheap by Brandon Caldwell
I've now cut down to just 1 pill at the moment because I'm getting closer to my target weight. That’s enough for me . I’ll add exercise into my weight loss grogram as I want to be much healthier.

Though the effectiveness of the pill varies from person to person, both my family use ***** very well, my mom, my aunt, my sister and I. All of us benefit a lot from this product

Get good result by Margarita Martin
Ordered 1 box, a little expensive but effective. Drink lots of water, eat a proper diet, and I do exercise to get better results. Personally, I avoid carb, sweets, and high fat foods. Lost 23 lbs in 2 months and satisfied with it

Control the appetite well  by Samantha Hubbard
Meizitang green strong version doesn’t have a bad taste nor the capsules are small so that is a PLUS for me. I would recommend this for anyone who is trying to loss weight. You won’t be disappointed.

Good effects by Sarah Powers
The seller is very enthusiastic, thy give me many advice to lose weight and answer all the questions, very sweet. it seems shaping effect is good, I will continue to insist and confident in the result

Good product, no appetite by Lydia Elliott
Good product ,after taking the pills in the morning, I feel no appetite but full. Very satisfied. I hope I will be thinner soon. Service attitude is very good, enjoyed your help very much. Thanks.

I was 156 pounds and now I am 140 pounds. So I lost a lot of weight compared to other diet pills that I had tried. when I tried other things I was always disappointed with results, but with ****** , I love the results

meizitang diet pills by Ora Manning
I tried to do some exercise. but failed, I have energy ,but I’ m lazy, that’s the reason why I use diet pills. I got no side effects , and no interactions with my thyroid hormone. It helps wakes me up in the morning, it may works slower without exercise. but I’m satisfied with the result I got.

Less appetite by Hilda Barton
I didn't notice anything unusual about the packaging, so I can't comment on that, but it looks like a very good product to me, it smells well. I have noticed after two weeks of taking these that my appetite has decreased and my clothes are looser.

Drink much water to solve by Antonia Williamson
Would you like to lose weight faster? I am trying one of the products out in the market called Meizitang green strong version. Have get a quite good effects and no bad feeling at all. Will continue to take the pills and hope can get better result.

Work well  by Owen Moreno
I noticed that I crave snacks less. The majority of the time I can go hours without craving junk food. After taking this meizitang capsule I feel more full so I don't overeat , but I never skip meals. I know this would make weight loss fail. And gain weight at the same time. I have much for breakfast ,but I don’t eat dinner as I do not feel hungry.

effective product by Inez Morton
Got it quickly, they were from China. It is excellent product!!! I had lost 45 pounds using a diet and was starting to gain back the weight lost.

Meizitang was recommended when i try to reduce some weight and I gave it a try with hope, i weigh about 160 and now 145 pounds! So wonderful results i love it!

I get a good results by using Meizitang green strong version and I am truly impressed with the product. The company has excellent communication Perfect all the way. Thank you.

Happy weight loss by Dana Lane
I’ve a good experience with these botanical slimming soft gels, no side effect, no dry mouth, no constipation and they work good to suppress my appetite, I started at 80kgs now I’m 65kgs lol. Very wonderful change!

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