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News; 4 Tips to Boost Metabolism

Published: Thursday 14 August, 2014

You may be confused why you get weight easily even you eat a little, while some people don’t though they eat a lot. In fact, it’s because those people have better metabolism than you. Metabolism is the most important factor that affects the weight loss result. The fat-burning speed will be accelerated when the metabolism gets fast. So, how to speed up the metabolism? Here are some tips.

1. Have Breakfast
Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast are more likely to lose weight. Because the metabolism of our body will slow down when sleeping, and it will only recover when you eat again. Therefore, if you don’t eat breakfast, our body’s ability to burn calories can’t go back to normal levels before lunch. This is why we’d better start a new day with a breakfast that has 300~400 calories and diet pills like meizitang to make our metabolism work instantly.

2. Take a Deep Breath
It’s true that deep breathing can speed up metabolism. By bringing fresh oxygen to the lungs and taking carbon dioxide out, breathing can purify the blood, promote the metabolism and circulation. However, most of our breathing is unconscious reflex action, which brings very little oxygen to the lungs. In fact, the more slowly you breathe the greater respiratory capacity you will have. Therefore, remind yourself to take deep breath or healthy pills like meizitang diet pills frequently and regularly, so that the metabolism of body wastes can be accelerated.

3. Do Strength Training Twice a Week
Your metabolic rate will be restored as it was before by doing a 15-minute weightlifting twice a week. The calories burned by muscles are 9 times more than the fat of equal quantity. In addition, diet pills like botanical slimming soft gel work great with exercises.

4. Obtain enough protein
Please ensure that the 10%~20% of the daily-needed calories come from protein. As protein can increase the metabolic rate and allow us consume 150~200 calories more per day. Fish, eggs, and milk are good choices for you!

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